Family Sponsorship Canada

Being a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada you are eligible to sponsor your relatives to get their own permanent residency of the country. If you sponsor family members to relocate to Canadian provinces it means you are responsible to support them financially when they arrive.

Canadian government provides a lot of different ways to fulfil your intention under its Family Class Sponsorship.

Nowadays family sponsorship Canada is one of the most generous programs in the world for family reunification.

There are a number of relationships that can be qualified for family sponsorship Canada, including common-law partners and spouses, adopted or dependent children, parents and grandparents, orphaned sister, brother, niece, nephew, granddaughter or grandson, who is younger than 18, and neither married nor in a common-law relationship, and other relatives of any relationship or age but only under certain conditions.

Having intention of becoming a sponsor under family sponsorship Canada you must comply with the following requirements:

- you must be at least 18 years old;

- you must have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency of Canada;

- you have to provide the financial support.

Canadian citizens living outside the country are also allowed to support financially some of their relatives if they prove that they will live in the Canadian territory.

Being a citizen of Canada or its permanent resident living in Quebec you are entitled to sponsor a close relative as well. In this case you must be an 18 year-old person and satisfy all necessary prerequisites.

All applicants must be able to meet their sponsorship obligations:

- a person has to sign an agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada where he admits his ability to satisfy the basic requirements of a sponsored relative for the whole period of the contract (3 years – for spouses, common-law or conjugal partners, 10 years or the age of 25 – for their children, 20 years – for parents and grandparents; 10 years – for other close relatives);

- applicant is obliged to repay the government any kind of social assistance made to the sponsored individual;

- sponsorship obligations come into effect on the day the sponsored relative acquires permanent residency.

Canada is welcoming and gradually increasing the number of newcomers in order to respond its demographic challenges and improve economic success, and family sponsorship is one of the opportunities to create a prosperous life together with people you love.