Canada Super Visa

Canada Super Visa is the most suitable choice for parents or grandparents intending to see their children or grandchildren in the country for an extended period. It is regarded as a permit for temporary residence that allows older generations of the same family to stay in the state as visitors for a period up to two years per visit.

Candidates are allowed to apply for extending of their temporary resident status in the country beyond the determined period by submitting appropriate applications and fees. In that case their status can remain for up to ten years, allowing its bearer for multiple entries during the mentioned above period.

Grandparents or parents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents may apply for Canada Super Visa together with their common-law partners or spouses. They must be considered admissible to the state and meet other conditions.

Dependents are not included in this application.

Every personal application will be assessed in accordance with specified requirements:

  • the purpose of candidate’s visit to the country,
  • must have valid Canadian medical insurance,
  • ties of grandparents and parents to their homeland,
  • general political and economic stability of applicant’s home country,
  • personal finances and family,
  • the Canadian host’s invitation.

The applicants may be sponsored by Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Such sponsors must comply with a minimum income threshold.

The Super Visa is perfect for applicants living in countries that require Temporary Residence Visa for entry to Canada. Having obtained Canada Super Visa, they are able to travel freely between provinces and their country of residence.

Candidates who have been rejected it still have access to electronic travel authorization process or the regular Temporary Residence Visa if they comply with the applicable legislative requirements.