Work and Travel in Canada

Nowadays many people decide to visit Canada and to stay there for some period to work. And such option is quite real, as there are programs, which allow foreigners to work and travel in Canada. It’s a very useful opportunity, as you can get acquainted with a new beautiful country and to earn some money, while staying there. The name of the program is International Experience Canada program. According to it the person can work and travel in Canada up to one year.

First of all, the foreigner has to find out, if he or she is eligible to take part in it. It’s important, as there are special requirements to become a candidate of this program. So, let’s be acquainted with the main steps, which must be done:

1) Become a candidate in the International Experience Canada (IEC) pool(s);

2) Get an invitation to Apply;

3) Apply for a work permit.

IEC gives the opportunity for young people to work and travel.

The foreigners must also meet the following requirements: the appropriate age (from 18 to 35 years), amount of money, citizenship, the available period of staying in Canada.

It’s important:

o You will be allowed to participate in the program, if there is an agreement between your native country and Canada;

o You may use the services of the Recognized Organization (if your country hasn’t got an arrangement with Canada).

There are three work and travel experiences (depending on where are you from): Working Holiday, Young Professionals and International Co-op Intersnhip.

Each of these categories has its own requirements and peculiarities. Contact our firm to get more detailed information and qualified help, connected with work and travel in Canada