Parents sponsorship Canada

Parents sponsorship Canada is a program providing citizens and permanent residents of the country with the possibility to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada. Successful relatives under the program will become permanent residents of the country and may apply for Canadian citizenship.

The person intending to sponsor a relative as well as an immigrating individual must comply with the certain prerequisites.

Applicants for immigration must have their criminal background checked and medical examination received.

To be eligible for parents sponsorship Canada an applicant must fulfill the necessary requirements:

  • the sponsor must be an 18 year-old citizen or permanent resident of the country;
  • the sponsor must be able to meet certain income prerequisites;
  • the sponsor must have capability to provide the essential needs of parents and grandparents.

The applicant and sponsored relative must sign a contract that binds sponsorship. If applicant lives in Quebec, he/she signs an "undertaking" with the province.

New permanent residents in the country must wait 3 years from the time of landing in order to be allowed for sponsoring their parents and grandparents.

A co-signer may be included in the application for sponsorship to gain financial eligibility. In this case the both incomes will be combined and considered.

In order to show your interest in applying for parents sponsorship Canada you should complete online submission form. Then you will be selected at random and invited for further application.

Parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens having intention to get temporary residence in order to visit their relatives may apply for Super Visa program (