Work Visa Canada

Nowadays many people decide to move to Canada and work there, as there are the convincing advantages of such a choice in their life. To do this, first of all, the workers from abroad must get an approved job offer from the Canadian employer. The job offer may be full-time permanent or temporary. It is important, that they must have this document before their applying for the Work Visa Canada and arriving under the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program). Work Visa Canada is a kind of Temporary Resident Visa. It is given for foreigners under the (TFWP) by IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This program is created to bring in the foreign workers in order to resolve the problem of shortages on the labour market. By the way, it goes separate from the International Mobility Program, which creates jobs and helps to develop the Canadian economy by the expert knowledge transfer.

The TFWP is made up of the following subgroups of foreign workers in Canada:

  • high-skilled workers.
  • low-skilled workers.
  • the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.
  • the Live-in Caregiver Program.

The period of staying in Canada with a work permit may be from some weeks to months. Besides, they should take into consideration the fact, that work permit does not give the allowance to enter Canada. If the person is from the visa-exempt country, it is needed to apply for eTA – an Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Canada. Besides, if the family member also wants to work in this country, he or she must also apply for the same documents, as the main applicant does (but they can be submitted together).

In order to be eligible to work in Canada, you must meet the general requirements, no matter where you apply. But the requirements may vary, depending on the place, from which you apply – from outside Canada, from inside Canada or from Canada, while entering it.

We can help you find a job and give you the qualified services, connected with the paperwork. Contact us for getting the additional information and making further proceedings according to your applying for Work Visa Canada.