Refugees in Canada

Canada affords protection to individuals facing persecution or unable to return to their homeland. It admits large numbers of government- and privately-sponsored asylum seekers, who find jobs integrating, thriving and developing strong attachment to the country.

Canadian government tries to expand resettlement and develop various solutions to support people forced to flee.

The refugee system in the country is divided into following parts:

  • the In-Canada Asylum Program (claims from within Canadian borders) and
  • the Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program (claims from outside Canadian provinces).

The Asylum Program provides protection to refugees in Canada having a persecution fear based on facts or those who turned out to be at risk of cruel punishment or torture in their countries.

Claimants having been convicted of serious crimes don’t have eligibility to seek asylum as well as those whose previous claims have been denied by the country.

Under the Resettlement Program eligible refugees in Canada get sponsored by Canadian government with income support and essential services to help them to settle. Government-assisted asylum seekers are identified by the United Nations Refugee Agency. An individual cannot directly apply to the country for resettlement.

Canadian government works with a great number of stakeholders and partners to provide various types of settlement services helping refugees in Canada adjust to a new life.

Private sponsors are obliged to provide emotional and financial support to their clients during the period of sponsorship or until the individuals can support themselves (during this period). Most sponsorships last for a year.

People who have claimed protection will be identified as a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection.

A claimant may not be found eligible. If your claim has been denied, there may still be other options for you.

Canada is a lifeline for individuals displaced by conflict, violence, and persecution — helping them recover, survive, and build a better future.