Humanitarian grounds for immigration

Canadian government has developed thorough immigration policies and laws, but they cannot be applied to every case. For this reason, individuals who cannot be qualified for permanent residency in any of the available categories are able to require discretionary consideration of their cases on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

When applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada on humanitarian grounds for immigration a person is asking to make an exception for his/her particular case which is based on danger or hardship a person, his/her children or immediate family members can face in case of returning to their resident country. But the circumstances must be sufficiently convincing to be exempted from standard procedure. It requires a quite high threshold of proof which is difficult to meet in a large number of cases.

To get eligibility for permanent residency on humanitarian grounds for immigration applicants have to demonstrate that they have been well-established in the country by virtue of the following facts:

  • family ties to Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents;
  • employment in Canada;
  • involvement with volunteer groups, community organizations or activities;
  • property and savings in Canada;
  • period of time spent in the country.

If an applicant has children, the best interest of the child directly affected will be taken into account.

Your application on humanitarian grounds for immigration may be refused due to criminal, medical or financial inadmissibility.

Canadian government offers additional option for people with exceptional circumstances to achieve their goal and start new life in their new home by means of Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration.

Since immigration laws are complex and the requirements are onerous it is best to get legal consultation before making an application.