Visit Visa to Canada

Canada is visited by 20 million people every year. Depending on the purpose and the duration of stay in Canada (tourism, study or temporary work), the permission to enter the country is needed, namely the Visit Visa to Canada.

To get the visa of provisional visiting of Canada the applicant must prove the representatives of the Ministry of immigration to Canada, that the visit to Canada will last no longer, than the aim of the visiting requires. And it also must be proved that the applicant will not take steps to obtain a permanent residence being on the territory of Canada according to some immigration program. In addition, the applicant must provide the proof of the stability of its financial position and convince the immigration officer that he has got enough money for the duration of stay in Canada.

The Immigration consulting firm SafeImm is specialized in assisting families and individuals wishing to visit Canada for a different period of time.

We present you the following factors, which will be taken into account while considering the request for a Visit Visa to Canada:

  • the purpose and duration of stay in Canada;
  • the presence of relatives and friends in Canada;
  • the previous trips to Canada;
  • the previous trips abroad;
  • the previous appeal to the embassies of different countries, asking for a visa;
  • the marital status;
  • a stable income;
  • the financial capability;the existence of realty.

Visas of temporary visit to Canada may be one-time and frequentative. You can stay in Canada up to 6 month from the date of arrival.

Our Immigration consulting firm will help and assist you to the end of the process of getting the Visit Visa. We guarantee quick proceedings and the quality of our services.