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There is a big choice of educational institutions in Canada. You must know, that the Study Permit is needed for studying in Canada. And you can apply for it only after receiving the letter of acceptance from the designated learning institution (DLI). Applicants must provide the number of the designated college or university for their school of choice. This number always begins with letter “O” on the study permit on the application form. But, in some cases students do not need to provide DLI number while applying for study permit, as there are specific reasons for it:

  • primary and secondary schools are automatically designated and it isn’t necessary to provide their DLI number;
  • a family member of a foreign national may obtain an open study permit, if the application of this foreign national for a work or study permit is approved in written form before the foreign national enters Canada;
  • in Quebec some institutions don’t have any DLI number, being designated by the provincial government.

There are also situations, when institutions may lose their designated status, that’s why students have to be attentive, as it may affect the result for their applying for study permit.

If you are an applicant and you’ve decided to study in Canada, you must find educational institutions, first of all. To do this you must conclude, in what city you are going to stay. Accordingly, your task is to decide, which educational institution and of what educational level to find there. There are such levels of study in Canada: elementary and secondary education, language schools, the college system and universities. There are many circumstances, which may influence your choice. To find educational institution isn’t an easy task for the average applicant. You must count all advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there is a great amount of information in internet nowadays, which may be helpful for you. But, sometimes it is very hard to choose the best variant. It seems, you’ve got acquainted with the whole information, but then you may discover new pitfalls. That’s why, it is very important to consult about this question with the professional immigration consultant.

By the way, the consulting firm can give you the actual advise about your question and provide you the list of the most appropriate educational institutions in some province or territory in Canada. They know the real advantages of the special colleges or universities.

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