Provincial Nominee Program Canada

Provincial nominee program Canada entitles Canadian territories to nominate people longing for immigration to a certain Canadian province.
Each province offers its own nomination (Quebec is excluded from the list because of its unique selection system) selecting applicants who comply with the necessary requirements and criteria. Thus, depending on a set of instructions the following groups of immigrants may be targeted: business people, students or skilled workers. Provincial nominee program Canada is adjusted to particular needs of the territory in order to choose candidates who will effectively contribute to the local community and economy. These newcomers are considered to have relevant education, professional skills and work experience.
Some skilled worker-based categories require employer sponsorship which must be approved by the government.
The eligibility requirements for the nominee programs differ according to the way of applying: either through Express Entry (Express Entry streams) or the paper-based (non-Express Entry streams) process.
A large number of territories and provinces also offer their own categories under the Canada Express Entry System. As a result, they have an increasing role in the economic immigrants’ selection.
An applicant can gain permanent residency under provincial nominee program Canada in two stages. Having been approved by the province, person can apply for permanent residence. Newcomers get temporary work permits to enter the country while being processed for permanent residence.

In order to apply for any of the programs a candidate must:

- apply to a territory or province for nomination,
- get nominated by that territory,
- make an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
There are also pilot programs developed by provinces for low skilled occupations. These are limited in number variations of pilot projects for workers.
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