Visit to Canada

A great number of travelers wish to visit Canada on various purposes – admiring the country, visiting relatives or friends, developing business.

They may select among different visa types regarding their aims.

Canadian government offers following options for Canada visitors:

  1. Individuals intending to visit country as tourists must apply for and be admitted to get a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), provided that they aren’t residents of a visa-exempt countries. Citizens of above-mentioned countries must obtain an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). As a general matter, tourists are admitted for a period of six months. Extended periods of stay are defined on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Being a grandparent or parent of Canadian grandchildren or children, a person may apply for Super Visa as a possibility to stay with their family members in the country for longer period of time (up to 2 years).
  3. Having intention of visit to Canada as a business visitor, a person should apply for a visa or eTA.

The following determining factors are considered while reviewing any application:

  • valid travel documents.
  • connections to the country of residence, which will prove that traveler will return to his or her homeland after the visit to Canada.
  • being able to support yourself financially while you remain in the country.
  • some individuals may be asked for medical examination.

Under certain circumstances applicants can’t be granted a permission for visit to Canada. These cases include involvement with any criminal activity, as well as participation in violations of human rights.

A person can be also considered as inadmissible for financial, health or security reasons.