Canada Business Visa

If you aren’t Canadian and want to visit Canada on business, you should get an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a Canada business visa (the citizens of the USA and travellers with a valid Canadian visa do not need an eTA). Our immigration firm will gladly help you to get these requirements. You are considered as a business visitor if your temporary visit to Canada is planned in order to: - expand your business; - make an investment; - progress the relationships with your business partners. Before you start the trip to Canada as a business visitor you should find out, if you need an eTA or a visitor visa. To do this use the link :

You should do the following steps, if you need an eTA:

  • without wasting any time get an eTA (while planning the visit).
  • use the same passport during the trip to Canada, which you used to get the eTA.

If you need a visitor visa, the following documents must be send with your application:

  • an invitation letter from your associate in Canada.
  • round-the-clock contact information with this person.

If you want to get Canada business visa, you must also prove that:

  • your visit will last no longer than six month.
  • you’ll not stay in Canada to enter the Canadian labour market.
  • your business organization is outside Canada.
  • you have the supporting documents for your application.
  • the amount of your money is enough for abidance in Canada and homing.
  • you cannot make the criminal, security or health risk to Canadians.

The cross-border business means, that the visitor can:

  • buy the goods or services for business outside Canada.
  • take orders for services and goods.
  • visit different meetings, conferences etc.
  • train himself at the Canadian parent company.
Our main task is to help and assist you in getting your Electronic Travel Authorization or a Canada business visa.