Work Permit to Canada

More and more foreign workers enter Canada every year. If you want to become one of them, you should know the stages to implement your wish into reality. First of all, you must have the job offer from the Canadian employer, then you have to obtain Work Permit to Canada. After that, you have the right to apply for Canada Work Permit and at last – to work in this country on the temporary basis. So, as you understand, it is very important to get Work Permit to Canada.

Before you can get your Temporary Work Permit, the Canadian employer has to apply for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), if necessary. After the LMIA is granted, you may be provided with the job offer from your work employer in Canada. It’s important, that the employer must also send you the copy of the positive LMIA together with the job offer. And having got these documents, you may apply to CIC for your Temporary Work Permit to Canada. If your employer is from the province of Quebec, you may also need to get the Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ) to work in Quebec. After going through these stages, the Work Permit is issued. You will get it after arrival in Canada from a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer at the point of entry.

Pay attention to the following information:

  • The period of Temporary Work Permit may vary: from a few days to a few years.
  • You may only work for the employer, which is written in your Work Permit (if you’ll find another job and a new employer, you’ll have to apply for a new Work Permit, especially for performing this kind of job);
  • The process of securing the Work Permit may be accelerated, depending on the occupation and desirable work of the foreign worker.

Depending on the place, from which you’ll apply for your Work Permit (from outside Canada, from inside Canada or from Canada, while entering it), you must meet the special requirements. But here you can get acquainted with the general demands for the candidates, no matter where they apply. So, the potential applicants for the Work Permit must:

  • prove the officer in their leaving Canada after the end of the term of their Work Permit;
  • show the enough amount of money to stay in Canada and to come back home;
  • be free from criminal activity;
  • make no harm to the Canadian security;
  • be in good health (and have the proving documents, if necessary);
  • not work for the employer, who failed to comply with the conditions for the Canadian employers, wishing to hire the foreigners;
  • not work for the employer, who provides the sexual services;
  • add some documents, if necessary.

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