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Investments into the Canadian Real Estate


Canada’s standard of living is one of the highest in the world. The biggest Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary – are in the top five cities with the best quality of life in the world by such parameters as safety, environment, quality of education, and social protection. This factor along with some others makes the Canadian real estate market very attractive for foreign investors.


During the last five years, the foreign investors’ interest to the Canadian real estate market has grown manifold.  This is especially manifested in the amount of purchases made by the CIS countries citizens. The quality of the residential property, continuing improvements in the residential areas, a stable price grow, a possibility to get mortgage loans in the Canadian and American banks – these and many other factors bring the investors’ attention to Canada as a country with excellent investment opportunities.


Now that the real estate prices have grown in Vancouver and Toronto, and the 15% real estate sales tax was introduced in the Province of British Columbia, the foreign buyers should give a special attention to Calgary. In the Province of Alberta, in which Calgary is located, any foreigner may buy real estate without having a permanent resident status or the Canadian citizenship. The only condition is that such a buyer must pay a 35% downpayment minimum, after which he or she may get financing at a 2-3% interest rate, i.e. the same rate as Canadians. That’s an attractive offer considering that the remaining 65% will be eventually paid by your tenants if you decide to lease the property out. Foreigners acquire real estate as a safe investment and lease it out to pay loans and property maintenance expenses.


We provide services in finding residential properties for investment opportunities, in facilitating financing and conveyance. We also offer services in the further property management, such as renting it out, paying the utilities bills, and getting it renovated where necessary.